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Join Us for Networking Field Day 25

Updated: May 14, 2021

Aruba has participated in thirty Tech Field Day events over the last ten years, and we’re most excited about Network Field Day 25, taking place Wed., May 12 from 8am to 12pm PDT. Watch the livestream here.

Nine independent technology experts will join Aruba’s top technologists for a no-holds-barred discussion about network innovation along with live demos of key new capabilities. We’ll focus on the emerging Wi-Fi 6E standard and how AI and automation can help organizations solve network operations challenges from the edge to the cloud.

Get to Know the Power of Wi-Fi 6E.”

David Hughes, the founder of Silver Peak and head of Aruba’s WAN business will kick off the morning, as he shares how Aruba is accelerating edge-to-cloud innovation.

Then we’ll do a deep dive into Wi-Fi 6E, which expands on the existing Wi-Fi 6 standard and allows access to a new 6 GHz band. Wi-Fi 6E takes efficiency features from Wi-Fi 6 and extends them to the 6 GHz band to provide more contiguous spectrum and less interference. The upshot is that Wi-Fi 6E will enable new use cases that demand multi-gigabit speeds like high-definition video.

Chuck Lukaszewski, Aruba’s vice president and chief wireless technology, has had a front row seat to this once-in-a-generation development. At #NFD25, he will share an update on the current regulatory status, the role of advocacy, and what IT leaders can expect with 6 GHz and he’ll be joined by Onno Harmes, Aruba’s senior director of product management, to dive deeper into Wi-Fi 6E technology.

Accelerating WAN Transformation with Zero Trust and the Secure Access Service Edge

Working from anywhere is the new normal, and as organizations increasingly rely on cloud applications and IoT devices, it’s equally critical to ensure that network services can be deployed securely and dynamically from the edge to the cloud.

That’s our next topic for discussion at #NFD25. We’ll demonstrate how the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform integrates with ClearPass Policy Manager to add identity knowledge of users, devices, roles, and security posture. We’ll also describe how integrating Aruba’s advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities into EdgeConnect provides full visibility into threats from edge to cloud.

Join us on Wed, May 12 from 8am to 12pm PT for the #NFD25 livestream. Watch here.

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